Lesson Series

We provide the intuition behind functions and detail their mathematical properties. Examples with graphs are shown.
We define the $\max$ and $\min$ functions here. The $\max$ function returns the largest number and the $\min$ function returns the smallest number.
The slope of a straight line is its "rise" over its "run". The value of the slope does not depend on where you calculate it.
A power function is a function of the form $Cx^r$ where $C$ and $r$ are real numbers.
A polynomial is a function like $a_nx^n+a_{n-1}x^{n-1}+\cdots+a_1x+a_0$ where $n$ is a positive integer.
We discuss what it means for a function's range to be bounded or unbounded.
We define the composition of two functions where the results of one function are applied to another. Function composition is denoted by $(f\circ g)(x)$ and is equal to $f(g(x))$.
The Factorial Function is denoted by $n!$ and means we multiply the numbers $1$ through $n$ together.