A Calculus Specific Alternative to Khan Academy Videos

We make it pretty clear up front that we don't do videos.  It's not that we don't like them, it's that there are so many high quality videos out there that we don't feel the need to recreate our own.  While everyone knows about Khan Academy, very few know about the Worldwide Center of Mathematics.

We recently learned about the Worldwide Center of Mathematics at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore earlier this month.  They are another for-profit education site, but offer their online videos for free.  (You can check them out here.) 

These videos differ from Khan Academy in that they are of David Massey in front of a blackboard doing the lecture as opposed to Sal Khan's method of writing on an electronic tablet.  The lectures are well designed and even though they are videos of David lecturing at a blackboard, they are easy to follow and the writing done on the blackboard is clearly visible.

Finally, as a Calculus student you should be aware that this site is focused on Calculus education while Khan Academy is focused on pretty much everything under the sun.  You get Calculus, Pre-Calculus and everything related to Calculus.  So check out their videos for a great alternative to Khan Academy.